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16 Lotus Petal Reading


The elemental energies present in your body create a unique vibration in your auric field.

Eastern philosophy and metaphysical studies teach that Earth, Water, Air & Fire exist in equal proportions in the healthy human body.

Reading these energies helps to define what element is lacking or overflowing, creating imbalance. Not only can these energies be
adjusted, but the reading helps you to understand the energies at play in your life and how to keep them balanced so that you can
improve your health, manifestation, relationships and more.


Includes: Earth, Water, Air & Fire Meridians, Chakras, Magnetic Balance Lines and a 16 Petal Lotus Balancing.


 $75.00 per session

Celestial Connections Holistic Center

Blandon, Pa. 19510

Phone: 610.401.5350

Email: connectionsbymaree@gmail.com