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Energetic Home Clearing & Blessing   

Do you want to sell your home quickly on the Real Estate Market, or clear unwanted, unhealthy energy patterns that have been established in your home?

This work will First clear your home and surrounding property of negative energy, then seal the home and property with Loving Energy, establishing a Positive and Protected area. You will be able to sense the clear, refreshing energy flowing through your home. This work is also excellent for a sick room, or for things that go bump in the night

Energetic Business Clearing

Would you like to see your business flourish, help your employees to work as a team, and rid your place of business of negative energy patterns? This clearing includes the surrounding property.   

Replace old energy patterns and thought forms with strong, positive, up building Energy. As a result of the clearing, you will feel the difference in the energy, and you may find your employees are happy to work as a team. All of these changes could be good for the Bottom Line!

All work is performed in a professional and discreet manner.

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