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Lighten Up!


Pay Yourself Healthy

  Give yourself a Treat this Halloween ~ A Healthier You!

Come and join together to pay yourself to lose some pounds and inches. We all have struggled with weight and have all sorts of tips and tricks to share. It’s a common belief that when you pay to step on a scale and be accountable, you tend to follow a healthier lifestyle and lose the extra weight.

So join us ~ commit to trimming down, getting healthy and have fun doing it. Each week we will meet, weigh in, and share with one another our triumphs or pitfalls from the past week. What worked and what didn’t… We all know what to do….Lets do it together! 

The next session of Lighten Up starts January 11, 2012 at 6.00 pm SHARP and continues weekly until March 28, 2012.

        This requires a commitment on your part. Each week You PAY YOURSELF $4.00 and  $1.00 to the Kitty. If you gain weight at any weekly weigh in; for each pound, you will donate another $1.00 from your $4.00 bank account deposit to the kitty instead. The final dollar goes to the center to offset the center cost. 

Total weekly commitment = $6.00

        On March 28th The amount in your bank account as you lighten up will be $60.00 (provided you had a weight loss every week. )

        The person who lightens up the most via body percentage wins the kitty.

        Should you drop out at any time without a valid medical reason. You bank account will be donated to the kitty.  

        If you would like to join after the session has started you would be required to add missed weeks to your bank account and kitty. 

        Should you miss a week, the following week you will be required to pay yourself and the kitty the week that you missed.

Please register by calling 610.401.5350 or emailing Marie at: connectionsbymaree@gmail.com


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Oley, Pa.

Phone: 610.401.5350

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