Psychic Medium Readings

Sacred Geometry II

Prerequisite- Sacred Geometry I

This class is pre-register and pre-payment required. 

You will discover how to use gemstones and crystals to enhance you life at a higher level. 

Crystal Healings:

Learn how to use gemstones for healing on a physical and emotional level. Become certified to offer crystal healing sessions to friends, family and clients.

Crystal Dreaming:  Find out how to use crystals to enhance dreamtime.

Enhancing Home Geometry:

Learn how to use sacred geometries with crystals by placing them in a specific order and pattern to open doorways into different realms. This pattern create enhanced protection, brings God into your home, calls in the Angelic Light energy; and creates completion, wholeness, abundance & manifestation of all your desires & needs Join us for a day that will give you practical tools you can use immediately to enhance your health, home, and life.

This class is pre-register and pre-payment required.



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