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DNA Activations


DNA activation is an evolutionary process to activate the dormant strands of the DNA. Once the DNA is activated the human being can work with more life force or Chi-energy and therefore has a bigger potential for anything psychic and creativity.


This healing modality is used to activate 22 of the 24 strands of DNA. It empowers the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of yourself.  Powerful and safe at any age and any stage of life.


DNA Activation with Crown Cap Removal:





DNA Activation including Crown Cap Removal & Codon Reading:





DNA Activation including a negative crystal removal, balancing of your magnetic & chakra fields and crown cap removal.





DNA Activation with Codon Reading


Along with the above DNA activation there also is a channeled reading of your spiritual DNA from the Hierarchy of Light; including but not limited to your past lives, current contracts and what your life path is on earth.







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