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Gifts of Spirit


with Reverend Sylvia Seward



Treat yourself to a healing workshop designed to enable you to remember that you are indeed an incredible spiritual being having a human experience. You will experience many journeys that are extremely healing to you on so many levels and to so many areas of your life. It is appropriate for anyone who would like to venture inside his or herself to discover how incredible each of us really is.

The program allows you to connect with the many aspects of yourself on the various dimensions of earth. You will be given step by step guidance on how to access direct communication with your higher self which can be used for the rest of your life to heal issues to receive personal guidance and validate information.

This program is designed to be a gateway to open and develop your psychic abilities. This workshop will give you the “know how” to access information about yourself and in doing so opens life up for you.

This workshop gives you the tools to connect with your Higher Self, Your Spirit Guides, Masters of Light, and other Beings of Light. This connection, sometimes called channeling, is a spiritual act that will enhance your connection to Source/God. This is the surest way to evolve spiritually.

With spiritual evolution, the ‘Gifts of the Spirit’ clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience naturally and easily always open. We all channel in one way or another without being aware of it, usually through our creative abilities. Learning how to channel accurately for yourself gives you more knowledge and empowers you to have your questions answered by you.

You will learn:

• How to channel the appropriate Light Beings safely.
• How to create a sacred protected space any place and anytime to do your work.
• How to easily access a trance or altered state for this work.
• How to use channeling as a tool for your spiritual evolution, and more.

In this experiential class you will participate in numerous journeys, connecting with many different Beings of Light. By the end of this class, you will be able to safely make these incredible connections on your own, receiving direct personal information and guidance.

In Gifts of the Spirit Basic some of the connections you will make are:

• Your Higher Self
• Journey to connect with Mother Earth
• The 5th Dimension – Home of the Divas, Mythical Animals & Elemental Beings


Gifts of the Spirit Advanced* continues with:

• The 7th Dimension – Your Monad Group
• The 8th Dimension – Your Group Soul
• The 10th Dimension – Master of Light Level
• The 11th Dimension – Archangelic Self

* You must take Gifts of the Spirit Basic to continue to the advanced class. 

Each Workshop is $150.00

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