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To interpret a dream we must first  understand the rules that dreams follow.


When the rules are kept in mind it prevents us from jumping to the wrong  conclusions about why we had the dream and what it means.


Each of the characters in a dream represents an aspect of the dreamer:


The Male Aspect and Male Characters

The Female Aspect and Female Characters



Healing Agents


Negative Characters



Numbers in dreams are very Important & show up often.


Your Health shows up in dreams as well. Your body & mind work together so you may have 1000’s of dreams in  advance to help you years before  Dis-Ease sets into the body


Colors also have an important role in Your dreams!



Your dreams are talking to you about life, lovers, health and your future. Your dream will be interpreted enabling you to understand what it means.


Every night you enter a magical world while your body is asleep. With this workshop you will be able to interpret and understand your dreams to create the life you deserve.


During this workshop you will learn:


  • Introduction to dream interpretation
  • What are Healing dreams
  • The Spiritual dimension of dreams
  • The Meaning of Colors & Numbers



The course covers all aspects of Dream Interpretation and is suitable for both beginners and advanced students. Students are asked to submit their own dreams for analysis. These are analyzed in a group setting where the dreamer remains anonymous.


Included in this workshop is a bottle of Celestial Scents ~ Essential Oil~ Mugwort which aids in dream recall & lucid dreaming in addition to a dream dictionary and workbook.


Cost $100.00


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