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There is really but one choice in life... the choice between love and fear.


Discover new tools which enable you to step into new knowing, how to get out of that ever busy mind and open your heart to feeling who you truly are.



What is Ascension?


Ascension is the process we each undergo as we develop spiritually and raise our vibrations, allowing more light into our beings. Everything we do; our thoughts, emotions, actions, all we say etc, create a vibration that makes us who we are. The more these are purified, the more our overall vibration is raised and the more we move towards the true spiritual being we truly are. This is the process of Ascension.


Although spiritually our aim is to move towards the light and raise our vibrations, to ascend, we have non-the-less incarnated onto the physical planet of the Earth for the lessons it brings. It is therefore vitally important that we remain firmly grounded, bringing any spirituality we develop back down to Earth.



Learning how to connect with your own inner guidance helps you move past old limiting fears to express love in each and every moment and being that in your daily life therefore being well on the way to living your puzzle piece with your heart singing.


Discover the essential steps necessary to become free of negative karma from your past. You will experience for yourself the profound and comprehensive feeling of release you receive as you unravel a whole thread of negative emotions from your life.


Ascension is about the growth of the Soul and the expansion of Consciousness. You will learn to fall in love with yourself and release all the fears that inhibit the full expression of who you are. Learn to regain your self-respect in the full knowledge that you are a magnificent being of Light who knows the power of love.


Find your puzzle piece, where you fit in and what you life path is! We have discourses, guided meditations, activations, discussions, clearing and lots of fun!


$ 5.00 per person. 



This class is offered twice per month on the 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the Month at 7pm


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